Swimsuit ZUPPA silver sun ladies'

Two-piece swimsuit ZUPPA
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Soft, elegant and stylish swimwear with no needless bits and pre-combinations. ZUPPA two-piece swimsuits are made of quality certified and resilient chlorine resistant material. The product is technically and sharply processed. When making cuts, we have taken care to ensure that they are maximally adjustable and comfortable in every child's movement. The ZUPPA handwriting is inherently a call, which we also applied gently to the top and bottom of the swimsuit.
ZUPPA swimsuits have their own special waterproof bag that will protect your swimsuit in your bag from other things until you come home from the swimming pool. Of course, then you need to remove them and then treat them as described below.

Tip: For ZUPPA swimsuits we recommend a RAYA hat and OLIVIA bathrobe.
Composition: 80% polyamide 20% elastane
Maintenance method: Wash at 30 ° by hand, do not bleach, do not dry, do not iron and do not dry-clean

  •     Before washing, carefully read the care symbols on the product
  •     Swimsuits wash in hand after each use in warm water 30 ° C
  •     Use washable fabrics suitable for fine synthesis without bleaching or lightening effects with PH neutral soap.
  •     Sling the swimwear freely and allow it to dry, do not wring them
  •     Note that seawater, thermal water, sun and chlorine affect the colorfulness of swimsuits
  •     Apply sunscreen and oil to the body and avoid swimwear because it damages the rubber parts of the swimsuit (rubber, elastic fibers) - due to their intense action, the rubber parts may burst.
  •     Never leave wet swimsuit in a plastic bag, due to chlorine or salt, it can cause a disturbing color or a breakdown of the elastic fiber Lycra.
  •     Swimsuits do not replace underwear
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