about zuppa



ZUPPA is the concept of trendy children's clothing with a recognized identity, high quality and unique design. Brand philosophy is based on Fair Trade principles, where everyone earns a serious reward for his work. All ZUPPA products are produced exclusively in the EU. ZUPPA is a family-owned company whose creative potential is flowing continuously into its products.

Each ZUPPA product has its own story. We draw inspiration from our children and everyday life. The idea is then projected into the layout and the first sample that is tested and evaluated by the toughest critics. Children. Then folows the final cut, definition of colors, so that the product is easily combined with other ZUPPA products. Through consistent work in the closing room, every product will go through hand-crafted hands to its final shape.

We love things that have their own identity, quality, and are out of the ordinary. With its elegance and nobleness, we enchanted a peacock, so we did not hesitate and chose it as part of the brand logo Z U P P A.
This is the clear handwriting of ZUPPA.




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