The ZUPPA brand is the concept of clothing especially for children. Since their inception, they have been reporting Fair Trade values. Production costs are therefore not negligible. The path of each of our products is fairly long, but transparent, fair and honest. We are making a lot of effort while finalizing the final product we bring you to our customers.



Short video from photoshooting can be found here:


The lot of your orders, beautiful pictures, positive responses and praiseworthy emails inexorably lead us forward, and at the same time motivate us to create something new as well as continually work to improve ourselves. Your loyalty, the loyalty of our markets, or the loyalty of the trendsetters gives us tremendous strength, courage, and belief that it all makes sense. We appreciate it very much and thank you for being with us, because we can do what we enjoy.


Skirtleggings. In the beginning, I only knew that I wanted to make a practical piece for my daughter, that would bind what is practical and comfortable on the leggings with what the girlish is on the skirt. All leggings of this type that were sold so far had only a tulle skirt. And that's not what I liked.

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