ZUPPA brand is a concept of clothes, especially for children. Since the very beginning, ZUPPA respects the Fair Trade principles and it is based on it. Therefore, the production costs are not low. The story of each of our product is quite long, but it is transparent, fair and honest. We invest a lot of our effort until we finalize the product that is brought to you, our customers.

However, the most important part of the entire production process is a first idea. The idea like something unique, into what we always put a lot of our creative potential. Already thanks to your reactions, we got later feedbacks about the ideas and the products that are really good.

Such unique products create a brand identity that distinguishes it from other brands and gives it a competitive advantage. For example, ZUPPA is characterized by original skirtleggings, original skirtshorts, dresses, hats, turbans, coats or several PEPLUM cuts.

Such brands that have their characteristic handwriting understand this philosophy and try to respect each other. Their are looking for its creativity inside themselves.

Unfortunately, there are producers who, without shame, present the imitation of foreign products as their unique products, with only a few differences.  It is, however, bold if someone starts selling them "big" over social networks or through their own eShop. We are therefore forced to stand against such manufacturers. We don't want to solve #zuppafake after they occur. From this reason, we better added a new category to our site in advance: Legal provisions.

These were the reasons why we decided to protect our intellectual property. We are proud that the ZUPPA brand is now a registered trademark ®. In addition, the selected ZUPPA products have been awarded a certificate of protected design after a few months, confirming the originality of these products. So you can be sure that by purchasing ZUPPA you buy an original product from its originator. We respect those of you who can appreciate it.

The original is always only one. ZUPPA is the original.                                                       07/24/2018

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